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We built Upwell as a springboard for opportunity - to help homeowners like you achieve their dreams. The lending industry today is split between two extremes, leaving many of homebuyers' needs unmet. A growing number of tech-centric lenders offer efficient processes and low rates, but not reliable, local expertise to guide decision-making. And the mortgage companies with helpful, experienced loan officers? They usually have higher rates. Upwell brings together the best of both. We connect you with seasoned experts who know the ins and outs of your market, along with competitive rates and the convenience of technology. No need to compromise.


How are we able to take this approach? We made the decision to put homebuyers' interests above all else. We're creating a better balance in mortgage lending by looking out for you first. To us, it's meaningful work, it's good business, and it's time you had another option.

What people are saying


"The staff at Upwell are professional, efficient, and always looking out for their client's best interest. Five stars and my very highest endorsement."

                                 -Blaine Weber, Weber Thompson


"Upwell provided us amazing customer service and a great rate on our mortgage. In a tough market for buyers it can really help to have someone who is so helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Eric and the entire Upwell team!"

                                 -Patrick A.


Jeff Bell


Jeff is a focused and accomplished leader with a sunny outlook to match his vision. Throughout 15 years in the mortgage lending industry, Jeff has consistently inspired referrals and repeat business from happy customers while spurring all-around impressive growth for Seattle's top mortgage companies. He's carved a successful path as an executive with passionate team leadership and a mission to provide opportunity - to consumers and industry professionals alike. Jeff is uniquely skilled at leveraging leading-edge technology in combination with traditional, person-to-person sales, all while upholding the highest possible standards for customer experience.

Highly regarded throughout his career for integrity and professionalism, Jeff has been named to the Top 1% of Mortgage Originators by both Mortgage Executive Magazine and Scotsman Guide for several years . Over a decade at Cobalt Mortgage, he formed and ran the Builder Division and Condominium Underwriting department, oversaw marketing efforts, MSA and CRM programs, co-managed a $1 billion region, and became their top all-time producer with over $700 million in loans sourced and funded. His wide-reaching product experience spans Residential Real Estate Lending, Condominium Loans and Financing, New Construction, Refinancing, FHA and VA, and Jumbo Loans. He co-founded Upwell with Megan Bell, his business partner and wife.

Megan Bell

VP Operations

Unparalleled work ethic and dedication have taken Megan to the top of her field - in knowledge and results. She is the strategic backbone of Upwell, with a stellar 15-year track record in mortgage banking for top Northwest lenders, including twelve years at Cobalt Mortgage where she served as Vice President of Secondary Marketing . Throughout her career Megan has led and innovated across several specialties including capital markets, nonconforming Jumbo product and product development, and secondary market operations. The latter entailed management of several hundred million in credit facilities, investor relations with large bank and non-bank aggregators, government-sponsored entities (GSE) spanning Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, FHA, VA, and USDA, securitization, and managing interest rate risk.

Megan is widely admired for her unwavering drive to optimize and responsibly grow loan programs in lockstep with the needs of loan officers and consumers. She co-founded Upwell with husband and business partner, Jeff Bell. 

"Everything we do on the back end, as advocates for the industry and the consumer, is to serve borrowers. We're always looking ahead for new solutions, so we can provide more options for the consumer."

Eric Engelland

Business Development Leader

Eric is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest (with the exception of an 18-month stint in Damascus, Syria).  "Not many places you snow ski, water ski and golf all in the same day!" he says.  Eric loves living in Gig Harbor with his wife of 22 years and their three daughters.  After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in finance Eric began working as a mortgage loan officer.  Now, 24 years later, Eric's experience allows him to serve clients and partners with extraordinary care and provision.  Part of Eric's ability to serve people has grown out of coaching and relationships with the top professionals in the industry and greatest thought leaders in the world over the past two decades.

One constant over Eric's quarter century career is his belief that the connection between purpose and people is critical to finding fulfillment and success.  "Our company vision and values, and our team dynamic and discipline, are remarkably good fits in terms of aligning with what's most important to me personally.  Trust, confidence and admiration for an entire team of people is rare, so I'm fortunate to go to work every day with the people around me."

Eddie Anderson

Senior Loan Officer

Eddie began his finance career in 1992. His relationship with the homeowner, home buyer or Investor may start with the initial mortgage, but where his true value shines is through his passion of finding opportunities that can positively impact his client’s financial future, whether it be increasing their cash flow by restructuring their existing mortgage or increasing their net worth through investment property acquisition. Over the years, Eddie has helped hundreds of families realize their dream of home ownership, helped so many of them start an Investment property portfolio and worked with countless investors on strategies that help improve their current rental properties.

The core of his business is founded on the principle statement "Say what I do, then do what I say."

His Specialties: Active Military & Retired Veterans Mortgages, First Time Home Buyers, Investors-Rental Properties– 1-4 Units

His Expertise: VA Loans, FHA Loans, Self Employed Rental Property Acquisition/Portfolio Management for Cash Flow & Retirement Homeowners –Mortgage Planning, Refinance and Liability Management

Brooks Morck

Senior Loan Officer

Brooks began his business career after college in the technology industry, eventually serving as National Sales Manager for a specialty hardware company.  Together they swiftly built a client-base across the US.

His passion for real estate led him into making a career change to the mortgage industry.  Brooks brings 25+ years experience in residential lending to Upwell.  He has focused on building an all-referral network of business concentrated within the technology communities of the Northwest, which has subsequently expanded to clients all around Washington and Oregon.  His philosophy of always putting the customer first has earned him a stellar reputation among his client base.  His lending expertise combined with his commitment to customer service has benefited thousands of homeowners over the years.

Chad Mattison

Senior Loan Officer

Chad comes with over 25 years experience in the mortgage business.  Also known as "The Brain," he's an expert when it comes to analyzing complex tax returns, unique borrower profiles, and industry guidelines.  Chad has held various positions in mortgage, from managing origination teams to building and running mortgage company.

Christy Larsen

Sr. Processor

Since starting her career in the mortgage industry in 2009, Christy has held various roles in lending. She has found her passion as a Senior Loan Processor and acts as the facilitator between the underwriter and loan originator. Preparing the loan and working directly with the underwriter and closing team to ensure closing dates are met, Christy's expertise is instrumental.  Her strong work ethic and dedication to her job creates efficiencies that allow minimal requests to clients.

Gretchen McKinley

Sr. Loan Coordinator

Gretchen brings 15 years experience navigating borrowers through the mortgage process.  She works with customers directly to obtain the necessary items that are needed to achieve loan approval, and will answer any questions along the way.  Gretchen leverages her experience guiding first-time homebuyers and seasoned home owners through the process to ensure a smooth closing. She has worked with over 3,000 clients throughout her career and understands the urgency to close on-time while providing great service to each the real estate agent and borrower.   

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