Refinance your VA loan.

Easy Process. Local Experts. No BS.

Upwell Mortgage is dedicated to helping you make the most of all that's available to you. We'll perform a detailed analysis to determine if a refinance actually makes sense. 

Why Do Lower Rates Matter?

Save Money.  Enjoy more financial freedom.


1.  Save big on mortgage payments

A small difference in rate may not seem like much. But over the first few years, a higher rate costs thousands more.  


2.  Pay off credit cards

Credit card debt can soar as high as 23%.  If you put the above $87.81 in monthly mortgage payment savings toward $5,000 in credit card debt at 23%, you'd pay off your credit card seven years faster.  Saving you thousands in interest.*

Why Choose a Local Lender?

Get hands-on guidance.  And peace of mind.


1.  Very Simple Process*

  • No appraisal needed.
  • No income documents required.
  • No asset documents required.
  • Options to have Upwell pay your closing costs.
  • Close as quickly as two weeks.


2.  On-call communication

Our local experts stay connected with you throughout the process. So you always know what's happening - without relying on an automated system.   


3.  Expert Guidance

Most online lenders direct you to call centers where the person may or may not have the answers to expertly guide you.  We advise you on whether or not a refinance actually makes sense, avoiding costly mistakes.



*Assumes 10yr credit card payback terms.